Becoming Kinkou

🌱 The Missing Link in Healing and Disease Prevention

Electricity and magnetism are vital to life. Every living organism has evolved on this planet under the influence of electric magnetism, and our bodies are intensely responsive to these signals. It stands to reason then, that in order for our bodies to operate optimally, we need the proper type and intensity of electric magnetism, just like we need the proper type of healthy food, clean water, clean air, and exposure to sunlight.

NASA reports that our Earth’s magnetic field is collapsing rapidly, as we are into the time of earth changes. Without a magnetic field, there is no life, and the experts believe that the earth’s electric magnetic field has dropped from nearly 30 Gauss at the time of the dinosaurs to 0.3 Gauss today. A deficiency of electric magnetism is like the body running out of oxygen. Almost everyone today is operating at far below their true potential.

Coupled with our toxic environment, this is one of the major reasons why we are experiencing the endemic levels of chronic pain and disease today. Although the use of electricity and magnetism has been traditionally used by many cultures for thousands of years, it was long discarded by westernized medicine until now. Magnetic therapy restores what earth changes have depleted, the vital electric magnetic energy needed to produce optimal health,



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