Foreign Invasion

Silicon Immune Disorder 

Silicon Immune Disorder (SID) including Breast Implant Illness (BII) has become a global epidemic although most women who are ill are told it is any number of other diseases and often that it is “all in your head”.  From fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome to heart palpitations, lyme, MS women and numerous other diagnosis women believe they are sick for no discernible reason and their doctors are often unaware of this devastating and deadly disease because it has been denied and covered up by device manufacturers, plastic surgeons and the FDA. Knowledge is power. If you have breast implants – saline or silicone – we’d like to offer some resources to assist you in making an informed decision about your health.


  1. Ear ringing
  2. Sudden food intolerance and allergies
  3. Headaches
  4. Slow muscle recovery after activity
  5. Heart palpitations, changes in normal heart rate or heart pain
  6. Sore and aching joins or shoulders, hips, back-bone, hands and feet
  7. Swollen and tender lymph nodes in breast area, under the arm, throat, neck or grouin
  8. Bouts of dehydration for no reason
  9. Frequent urination
  10. Numbness/tingling sensations in upper and lower limbs
  11. Cold and discolored limbs, hands or feet
  12. General chest discomfort, shortness of breath, pain and/or burning sensation around implant or underarm
  13. Liver and kidney dysfunction
  14. Cramping (muscles)
  15. Toxic shock symptoms
  16. Symptoms of or diagnosis of fibromyalgia
  17. Symptoms of or diagnosis of Lyme disease
  18. Symptoms of or diagnosis of auto-immune diseases such as: Raynaud’s syndrome, hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, lupus, sjorgren’s syndrome, nonspecific connective tissue disease, multiple sclerosis
  19. Anxiety
  20. Depression
  21. Panic attacks
  22. Mood swings
  23. Fatigue
  24. Joint Pain
  25. Muscle pain
  26. Muscle weakness
  27. Insomnia
  28. Brain fog
  29. Difficulty concentrating
  30. Memory loss
  31. Vertigo
  32. Fever/chills
  33. Temperature/heat intolerance
  34. Sensitivity to light
  35. Sensitivity to sound
  36. Difficulty swallowing
  37. Hair loss
  38. Dry skin/hair
  39. Slow healing
  40. Sinus infections
  41. Recurrent illness
  42. Candida/yeast infections
  43. Visual disturbance
  44. Choking feeling
  45. Ringing in ears
  46. Decreased libido
  47. Sharp pains in breast
  48. Weight gain (unexplained)
  49. Weight loss (unexplained)
  50. Swollen/tender lymph nodes
  51. Chronic fatigue symptoms
  52. Inflammation
  53. Heart palpitations
  54. Irritable bowel or bladder
  55. Shortness of breath
  56. Night sweats

This list of symptoms has been compiled by women who have experienced this uncomfortable and painful sickness.  This list is intended to serve only as a guide to assist others who may be wondering if their ill health might be caused by their breast implants. ©2017 KINKOU Dept of Health Innovations

Dr. Susan Kolb on Silicone and Breast Implant Disease


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You can read the condensed version of Dr. Susan Kolb’s book on silicone here.


You can read the popular article Breast Implants: The Ticking Time Bomb in Millions of Woman’s bodies here for more information about both saline filled and silicone filled implants.

The Junk Science Behind Breast Implants can be read at Healing Breast Implant Illness here.


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