People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you CARE

Our care can get you there…


After years of being a Medical Doctor, Dr. Lanoff went on to study Chemical Biology,  During this time he learned of the healing benefits using Ozone therapy to conquer a variety of chronic conditions, many that would be life threatening.   With a failing healthcare system, it was clear that new changes in the way we care for our bodies needed to be put into action.   5 years ago, Dr. Lanoff established BioEnergy Zone in Jupiter FL.    This is where many clinical studies were held and hundreds were healed using Ozone Therapy along with Plant Based Nutrition to speed up the bodies natural healing process.   Today, Lanoff is focused on PREVENTATIVE HEALTHCARE, that empowers the patient and removes the demand for man-made chemicals to band-aid specific conditions.   At KINKOU HEALTH INNOVATIONS we are focused on providing solutions for your healthcare challenge.     Every challenge requires change, What change will you make today to create lasting optimal health and vital energy?

Through difficulties, come miracles

This is a statement that rings true at the core.   After a successful career in Software and Silicon Valley, Tara’s health began to decline in 2009.   It took years of misdiagnosis from doctors in all areas of medicine along with a gross amount of pharmaceutical drugs being pushed by the medical doctors rather than education on prevention.
Overcoming over 20 uncomfortable symptoms, A career in Holistic Healthcare began.   Tara was passionate about the TOTAL balance of the MIND, BODY, and SPIRITUAL being and established community events in South Florida raising awareness about what WE CHOOSE to put into our body vs Factors beyond our control and discerning the difference between those factors.   The greatest challenge turned into the biggest blessing of a lifetime because it allowed an opportunity to serve others and empower generations in areas of health and wellness.  The best investment in this lifetime; THY SELF. If first you want to make a difference in this world, you must dig deep within face fears, known and unknown and unlock your greatest potential.

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