My Explant with Dr. Susan Kolb @Plastikos

On April 11, 2018, I was Explanted with Dr. Susan Kolb at Plastikos outside of Atlanta GA. This day was long awaited.   My consultation was October 24, 2017.    I will never forget, it was my sister’s birthday.   The sister that helped care for me and was there for me during my most difficult of moments.    She was there for me for the countless visits to the ER in 2010, a horrific ordeal that one can only share once the heart heals, and countless moments where nobody in my family could understand what was wreaking havoc on my body and mind.

I graduated college in 2004, with a double major and honors along with being Captain of my division II soccer team.    I was dedicated to my studies, honored my body, and took great joy in learning to capacity.    After graduation, I went on to work for Oracle, the leader in Software.   I became very successful traveling the world for work and pleasure. I owned a beautiful apartment in Palm Beach Gardens and drove a fancy convertible.    I FELT that I had everything going for me.    I was blessed, yet I did not know the value of my most prized possession; my health.

In 2007, with money flowing in, I was ready to make changes.   Changes that I did not know would cost me 9 years of my life.     The first change I made to my body was to remove a tattoo on my shoulder that I got when I was underage.    At 16, I did not understand the consequences of altering the body God gave us, but I was in for a learning experience only God could give me by allowing me to practice my “free-will”.    At age 26, I took a fascination with Haute Couture and I did not see myself wearing this Artwork with a faded tattoo, attending events that my life was preparing for.   I went to a med-spa in Naples, FL and paid about $3K to get that Ink removed.    At first it was great, it pealed off of me, and I was told to go home and and it would heal over 6-8 weeks.   It took 9 months for the wound to heal.   I was devastated and now a Keloid laid over the area where the Ink once was.     It was painful, it was ugly and I felt that again, I had damaged the beautiful masterpiece God had created.       I was then approached by a plastic surgeon that said if he put an Expander (implant) into my back to stretch the skin, he would be able to successfully remove the Keloid.   30K later, and 6 months with a Saline Expander in my back, along with the mental trauma of walking around with an implant on my back instead of chest, I was on the road to recovery.


Less than a year later, while working out with my trainer and training for peak performance (once and athlete, always an athlete mindset), we discussed an upcoming fitness challenge, as he also competed professionally with other body builders.   He was a celebrity trainer that trained Miami Dolphin players as well as Billionaire’s around the world.    I trusted his fitness expertise and when he gave me the number to a plastic surgeon in Ft. Myers that helps girls get ready for competition, I never thought I would walk away from that consult being talked out of a Breast Reduction (natural D breast) into getting a lift with a small implant (something the Plastic Surgeon was advocating in the wake of the breast cancer campaign in 2000’s, he believed removing natural breast tissue that could be subject to illness, be replace with an Implant (something I now know does cause breast illness).     I had the goal to be a bit smaller and to lift my chest from years of playing contact sports.    I had my reasons, and I did not want anyone to talk me out of it, so I kept it to myself.

After the surgery, nobody in my family suspected anything different, because I always had a chest too big for my 5’1 frame.    The first summer I was implanted I spent in NYC living with my best friend on the upper east side.  Life was fun and careless, and she was the only one whom ever had a suspicion that something in me had been altered.      I recall telling her part of the history but not entirely.     It was after I returned from a long summer in NY, back to life in FL, my health began to decline.    In September of 2009, I ended up with a severe rash on stomach and neck.   The ER diagnosed it as Shingles and recommended I take time off from travel and rest.   I had a demanding career and I was too young to get Shingles, this was the start of the decline of my immune system.

Not putting two and two together, I left my career at Oracle after being declined disability ( I was not able to Fly and my job required I fly across the country 2-3 times weekly).   Shortly after not being able to perform my job functions, I departed from a successful career and opened a furniture store, and opted for a stress free life.

At this time, a series of events related to my health began to wreak havoc on my life, I lost my beautiful apartment, and sold my car to pay for mounting health bills.   I went to so many doctors I am unable to recall the exact amount, but each time a Rx was written and no answer as to why I was experiencing symptoms and now had been diagnosed with Shingles (2x’s under the age of 30), debilitating migraines, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia.   The diagnose did not line up, then came the episode of depression so severe, I did not recognize myself.   Some believed it was because I had been through devastation, but I knew mentally I could handle just about anything, it was just that I felt like I 88, instead of 28.    I searched for answers, I looked for specialist that I could trust, I ended up in Psych ward because I was told symptoms were in my head and I needed to spend an extended time under doctor care so they can give me the proper meds.   I said thank you the first time, and FU the second and third time.   This was not over the course of 1 year but lasted about 3 years.     I was at war with the doctors and by body was at war with me.     No doctor ever told me that the implants I received a few years back may be poisoning my immune system and causing neurological and other unknown issues.

I began a new career in Human Health Systems.   Because I had a background and understood from a computer science background how hardware (the body) and software   (the brain) can complete a task.   I wanted to learn how each system in the human body is connected and I had a deep fascination with the immune system, mostly because mine was failing me at the time, and my mother was diagnosed with Lupus (likely misdiagnosed and symptoms are caused by the massive amounts of Mercury in her mouth, but that is another another topic of healing, and greater than her doctors understand in this present day and age).

I teamed up with two doctors, one a retired MD, and another Doctor of Science specializing in Immune Stimulation, and in search (release) for cure for HIV and other blood related diseases.     I never imagined I would have a team of respectable doctors that practiced what I believed.   Kinkou Health was established.     It was during this time, that I had a friend who self healed from Breast Cancer, warn me about the dangers of Implants because after she had her mastectomy, doctors pushed her to “claim back her body” and buy fake breast to fill in where her natural breast once were.    We were at Hypocraties in West Palm Beach, where they practice the Gershon Therapy Method.     We ate a lunch rich in sprouts and natural organic veggies.     I had just gotten over my cycle and thought maybe that is why I was feeling a little woozy.      I walked to my car and just threw up my most delicious  $25 meal from Hypocraties.     Why?   When I spoke to my friend later in the week I informed her that I got so ill after my meal.     She is a physical therapist, as well as cancer warrior, and she was well informed from a medical standpoint.    She mentioned that sometimes when the body is so toxic, it can not handle the flush of nutrients from a nutrient rich meal (like the one we enjoyed).    At that moment, it was like the cloud cleared from my head for a moment, and the sharp pain in my right chest began to burn and my right hand was numb, again…  It was at this moment, and not a moment before that I believed my Implants from 2009 were the reason for my rapid, and chronic health decline over the past 9 years.    I was then turned onto a few groups on Facebook and Instagram that discussed Breast Implant Illness, BII, is it most commonly referred to now.

This was the moment, that I knew, that I knew, that I KNEW, what was making me so ill.   I came across something on youtube posted with Karen McDougal and her surgeon in Jupiter that removed her implants that were making her gravely ill.   My story was very similar to what she described her symptoms to be, and her doctor was a short drive from my home.    I booked a consult Aug 1st, 2017, I was in the room with the doctor and so much gratitude filled my heart for the work he was doing to help women.     I got the sticker shock, after I met with the scheduling coordinator and was told a credit card would be my best option to pay for surgery.     I had not worked consistently for the past two years and even a 2K surgery was out of my reach.     This was about $10K plus a multitude of expenses post op, I did not know where to turn, so I dropped to my knees and prayed for God to hear my cries and to make his solution known to me.

This is where Dr. Susan Kolb comes in.    Another phone call from my fabulous soul sister in Boulder (thank you Liz), I shared with her my experience with plastic surgeon in Jupiter, and she insisted I reach out to Dr. Kolb directly and in the meantime she gifted me a book called, The Naked Truth; From Harm to Healing by Dr. Susan Kolb.        The book had not even arrived yet, before I received a return email from Dr. Kolb’s personal email.   She encouraged me to have faith, and reassured me she was a leading expert in this field of removal and she herself, had been poisoned my DOW Corning Implants, and successfully healed herself of Silicon Illness, and a host of other issues that came along with the implants.        I got goosebumps, and for me, this means the holy spirit is near to me and I need to listen.   Once the book arrived (thank you Amazon Prime) I was nose deep into it, and finished it within a day.    I FOUND MY SURGEON!!! Amen!   That was my immediate thought, and the Capricorn in my got down to reality.     If I wanted a top surgeon with this much expertise she was going to come at a price that I did not believe I had at the time, so I choose to have faith with my whole heart, that if she was to be divinely selected for me, the finances would work themselves out.     I called to book my consultation and was told because of the high demand, and Dr. Kolb’s limited schedule, a consult alone would be $1400 (credited at time of surgery) but if no surgery booked it is the consult fee (non-refundable).     Again, another road block.    I went home an asked my amazing partner what he thinks I should do.   He simply replied, PRAY.      I choose to cry, and then when I calmed myself down, I went to the bedroom, closed the door, got down on my knees and prayed with my whole heart.    I stayed locked in that room for nearly 2 hours and then a sense of relief came upon me so strong, that I knew, that I knew, that I knew I was in the presence of my God; My Living God.   From that moment on, I decided to put my free-will aside, and prayed that the Lord would direct my every step.

A few days later my beloved, broken hearted of the pain I was going through physically, mentally and emotionally loaned me the $1400 to book the consult with the understanding that if I did not feel it was right, I would not have guilt just to walk away paying the $1400 consult fee.     I trusted the Lord, and booked the flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Atlanta.    I was very ill, and had not traveled alone for years.   I was nervous to do this overnight trip on my own and I was concerned with the expense to fly and stay in Atlanta, but once that trust was built with the Lord, it was all smooth sailing.


The consult with Dr. Kolb lasted 2 hours.   It was the most thorough examination I had in my life by any doctor.    I was scheduled for ultra sound the same day, and they found lymph nodes so swollen under my arms, it was no surprise to Dr. Kolb why I could not comfortable move my arms.    She shared her history with me, and the soul connection was there from the start.    I was 100% using that $1400 as a credit to my surgery that was originally scheduled for 1/18/18.

That was the fasted 3 months of my life, as I worked hard to raise the $10-20K that would cover Explant Surgery, Lymphnode removal, and post op care, along with an extra $1500 for travel expenses ( I had to stay in ATL for 7-10 until drains could be checked and/or removed).    January came and went and I had not even $500 raised, I had to call and cancel/reschedule my surgery date.    I was heartbroken, and Rhonda (office manager) assured me to keep faith and reschedule for later date.

On March 23rd I received a check I had been waiting on for months on end, it was the exact amount that would cover my surgery and leave me with $1K for aftercare.    Thank you Lord! I called Rhonda at once, and booked my surgery for April 8, 2018.     The next three weeks were a worldwind.   So many emotions, and to think I was going into surgery for 5-7hrs scared the life out of me.    Rather than give into fear, I disconnected from social media, enjoyed time in nature, and spent time with those close to my heart, and prayed like my life depended on it (it does, and still does).    April 5th arrived and my partner and I were ready to take on this Implant Illness once and for all, and there was no stopping me now!

The night before me surgery, as we sat in “no frills” hotel/motel, I got the call that made me break out in a cold sweat, get sick to my stomach, and cry my eyes out.   My surgery had been canceled due to a flood that broke out in surgery center, because a development was being constructed in the neighboring lot.     It was out of the control of Dr. Kolb, it was out of the control of her staff, it was out of my control.    Again, God asked me to trust in his perfect way.    Finally, I did.    A few hours later, my beloved got a call from his childhood friend, that he was doing work in Nashville and he really wanted us to take a roadtrip and visit.  I was told to hold tight and wait to hear from Dr. Kolb’s team as to when office would reopen.       I was told it would likely be the following Tuesday or Wednesday.    Having the weekend free, and not loving the traffic or hotel rates in Atlanta (during the Master finals with Golf), we rented a little car with New Mexico license plates and set out for a 4 hour drive to NashVegas.

Ironic thing was, that I had lived in Nashville for a brief period in 2010, and met the most wonderful lifelong friends, that loved the Lord, and music as much as me!   I was thrilled to be returning to a city that welcomed me with open arms.   I was excited to reconnect with friends and breath in the freshness Nashville offers.   It revived my soul on a level I never imagined.   We stayed until the night before my new surgery date 4/11/18.    I had only 5 hours of sleep prior to surgery (something I do not recommend), but when we were driving from the Atlanta airport at 5:30am to arrive for my 7am surgery I said my last prayer, asked my beloved and his mother, along with everyone in my family to pray for me, I took a deep breath, went to sleep, and when I woke nearly 8 hours later, nothing about me was the same.    I was renewed.     I felt lighter, brighter, and more alert than ever.    Did I meet God?    How did I get here?   I did not recall getting from the surgery center to the hotel, nor did I get to enjoy the Suite my beloved booked special that night to make sure everything was just right.

Overall, the post op was hard, but not as hard as living 9years of your life knowing something is eating you from the inside out.    My Mentor Silicone Implants left Silicone in my lymph nodes under my arms (2 removed because entirely filled with Silicone), they left scars, and they left a lot of heavy metals in my system.    Above all, Implants robbed me of 9years of my life,  and I am thankful for the women that came before me to spread awareness, and I am most thankful to Dr. Kolb and her sharing her Implant Illness experience at Plastikos.    Without her, I may have never sent my scar capsule off for pathology to find E.Coli and MRSA living in there, I may have never had a doctor brave enough to test the damaged lymph nodes for rare cancer associated with Implants, and had a gone to another doctor, I would still have the silicone filled lymph nodes under my arms, making the detox process next to impossible.    I find that patients attract their doctors, and I am forever thankful to the Lord that he spent years to build my vibration to meet that of a world sought after surgeon with a holistic health background, that is helping women regain their life.

God is great.   Have faith that you are a child of God, and when life gets so hard you want to break, you can be assured the God corrects the mistakes of his children to draw them closer to him.   I know my life will never me the same with the Grace he has bestowed upon me.    


If you or someone you know, is suffering with unexplained symptoms and they have Implants, or foreign material in body, please follow Explant Advisor on Instagram, and Twitter and look for a new youtube video on Implant Illness (Breast Implant Illness) airing on October 31st.

God bless you. 

T. Lee Greenly

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