A Rheumatologist’s Take On Women With Breast Implants

wake up medical community!!
Hoping the doctor of the future will seek in their sacred heart do good, and not fall pray to beast of medical manipulation.

Breast Implant Failure & Illness

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I read an article on ‘The Rheumatologist’ website called, ‘Assessing Autoimmune Disease Symptoms in Silicone Breast Implant Recipients’, dated December 15, 2016. It’s written by Charles Radis, DO

If you’re a woman with breast implants, especially if you’re ill, it will likely be of particular interest to you. It offers insight into the author’s beliefs.

Charles Radis, DO makes statements such as:

  • “Mass somatization, I believe, was at the root of the silicone breast implant epidemic. A perfect storm of circumstances existed: A susceptible population of women, initial reports linking silicone implants to autoimmune disease, media hype & litigation lit the fuse of disabling fear & suffering.”
  • “Milly’s story was extreme, but researchers have documented a number of differences between women who are seeking breast augmentation and the general population. In nearly every measure of psychological health, from low self-esteem, to depression, to frequency of psychiatric admissions, divorce and…

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Abuse – Calling A Spade A Spade

Such a great perspective on a growing issue!

Breast Implant Failure & Illness

In my last blog post I used the word ‘abuse’. It’s not something I’ve ever said in regard to the medical care (or lack thereof) that I received prior to rupture being diagnosed. I don’t play the blame-game and I’m surely not a whiner, so I normally avoid such messaging. However, as I wrote the post it felt both appropriate and important to go there.

It actually is abusive when regulating bodies license toxic, high risk devices and plastic surgeons implant women with them yet, when one becomes ill or experiences device failure we’re told the devices can’t possibly be what’s causing our symptoms. Despite breast implants having KNOWN ISSUES – the SAME known issues since they were introduced in the 60’s. Denying undeniable REAL WORLD EVIDENCE is an abuse – truly, a crime against women.

When doctors dismiss red flag, textbook symptoms of device failure and tell women…

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