BioResonance Quantum Scan* 

A 60 second  electronic scan,  followed by a 20 min. consultation by a holistic specialist.  Scans internal organs; brain, heart, Liver, large &small bowel, stomach, and beyond, revealing functioning capacity and much more. 

A snap shot of your state of health FOR INFORMATIONAL USE ONLY.   It is safe, and is easy just like an ECG, and offers a guide to improve your wellbeing in the areas of preventative healthcare.  A snapshot report can also be created for take home guidance for small additional fee.   We do not cure, or diagnose illness.   Please consult your general practitioner.   


Using the latest advancement in Ozone therapy.   This service facilitates detoxifying, rejuvenating, anti-aging, and internal/external beautification of the cellular body.   This allows you to renew energy, and transform your level of health with Trans-dermal Oxygenation.   This is one of the most effective, scientifically researched and proven way to assist your body through health challenges and sustaining a healthy, active, lifestyle.   

Electromagnetic Vascular Therapy

Recharge¬†your energetic battery.¬† Human’s have an electrical body, as well as a physical, mental, spiritual and etheric body.¬† ¬† Resting on this FDA registered class 1 medical device (Swiss made), allows the body to activate natural ability to heal by delivery of patent signal working to improve micro circulation in the body.¬† ¬†This allows more oxygen production to each cell (over 1 Trillion in the human body).¬† It helps lift depression (more oxygen to brain and improved mental clarity), heal bone bruises, breaks, fractures.¬† ¬†Effective at reducing discomfort in the body from brain to the toes, specifically assisting in positive benefits to Cardiovascular system.¬† ¬†


Let food by thy medicine.   That is advice from Hippocrates and we have developed a Food Healing System to maximize the nutrients you are absorbing, while eliminating harmful toxins that build up over time, and with increased exposure to toxic environmental conditions of the 21st century.   Foods can cause inflammation or heal inflammation and detoxify the body.   Learn how to make better choices with your foods so you can ALKALIZE and release TOXINS, speed up your metabolism, absorb more nutrients, and stabilize your weight (as well as blood sugar).   Life is a healing journey and eating the right foods for you will make the journey healing!

LIFE ENHANCEMENT TRAINING L.E.T- Emotional Intelligence 

L.E.T. is program/process that helps one overcome negative stressful thoughts, and patterns.   This gives you the opportunity to gain a positive self-image and nurture the most important relationship in your life, your relationship with YOURSELF!  You are the most important person in the world and your mental conditioning is as important if not most important in overall health.   Without a healthy brain, how can you train for this beautiful journey in life?   Learn how to feel true inner happiness and enjoy peace of mind to become a healthier, happier you, while sharing the gift of your true magnificence with whom you love and care for.   This is a life transformation course and your commitment to yourself is the first step in this revolutionary inner process.

 Scientific research and clinical trials have proven effective and KHI AND MEMBERS UNDERSTAND the difference in FDA approved and NON FDA approved modalities.   If you are unclear on any differences please speak with your KINKOU PMA Representative.   Modalities listed with * are NOT FDA approved 

Dynamic Solutions

We spend time and care while exploring clients custom physical, mental and spiritual needs. Creating a longterm blueprint to optimize your individual health concerns and areas of interest creating lasting optimal heal.

Our Private Membership Association PMAРoffered every 6 months;  with the savings and discounts on products and classes and monthly check ups. Display an optimistic confidence and work with us to utilize cutting edge technology including Electromagnetic Energy therapy, Food Vitality Education, super oxygen treatments etc..

                                 6 mo PMA:            $175             1 yr PMA:              $300

Getting healthy … becomes fun, easy and empowering!
*We do not diagnose, or cure any disease.   We guide your body back to homeostasis.