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“Imagine¬† –¬† ¬†A common dietary Mineral that helps reduce high blood pressure. Imagine¬† –¬† A simple vitamin shown to reduce premenstrual misery suffered by millions of women. Imagine¬† –¬† A Protein component that can help you fall asleep faster. Imagine¬† –¬† Ignoring all of it. That is what most people do.¬† And, unfortunately, too many […]

People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you CARE

Our care can get you there… STEVEN LANOFF MDe After years of being a Medical Doctor, Dr. Lanoff went on to study Chemical Biology,¬† During this time he learned of the healing benefits using Ozone therapy to conquer a variety of chronic conditions, many that would be life threatening.¬†¬† With a failing healthcare system, it […]

Is the ‘cure/cause’ for inflammation in our food?

An estimated 46 million Americans have some form of arthritis according to the center for disease control.¬† ¬†More recently there as been a trend in child arthritis.¬† ¬†As important as finding a cure to relieve the chronic pain associated with this now common dis-ease, is finding what is causing the symptoms to begin with. What […]