Taking advantage of the latest scientific knowledge and technology our regenerative programs include

Food Healing

Detoxification Programs

Oxidation (Super Oxygen) Sessions

Electromagnetic Resonance (BEMER)

Life Enhancement Training

Quantum Body Scan

Quality Supplements (CBD OIL)

Educational Classes


Qigong Exercise


We utilize the most up-to-date medical technologies available today that are safe and effective.

*Having a unique and specialized system we created a patent that can be franchised or licensed, for future exponential growth.  Please ask KHI director for more information on ownership opportunities.


Dynamic Solutions

Create a comfortable, pleasant environment removing the negative psychological dread associated with office visits.  We spend time and care while exploring clients custom physical, mental and spiritual needs. Creating a longterm blueprint to optimize your individual health concerns and areas of interest.

Our Private Membership Association (PMI- offered every 6 months) with the savings and discounts on products and classes and monthly check ups. Display an optimistic confidence and work with us to utilize cutting edge technology including BEMERtherapy, food healing tips, super oxygen treatments etc..

6 month PMI:  $175

1yr PMI:            $300


Getting healthy … becomes fun, and empowering

*We educate our clients to understand and partake in an active role in creating wealth and success.

*We do not diagnose, or cure any disease.   We guide your body back to homeostasis.


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