Healing from Silicon Toxicity

Thank you KHI for confirming the inflammation in my breast area.   I immediately scheduled ultra sound and Thermography and began Food Vitality Course (thank you Anthony Williams @ Life Changing Foods) to reduce painful symptoms.   Started using the BEMER electromagnetic therapy for the past year and it has helped improve circulation in my legs that have been compromised (along with major improvements in my immune health).   Staff also used combination of BEMER and OZONE  (along with Olive Gold on my skin) to reduce the time of shingles outbreak to just 3 days!   I am grateful to have found a caring health network that allowed me to become an active member in caring for my own health.   For 10yrs I was misdiagnosed with a variety of conditions because of my ~mystery illness~ after reading a book recommended by a healthcare friend, “the naked truth” all the symptoms over the past year where brought to the surface and I was finally on the road to recovery.   I highly recommend joining KHI pma program.    I do not have government regulated health insurance and this allowed me to utilize the practice of preventative medicine and expert knowledge.  My appreciation for human body and brain is my diamond through this experience.

T. Lee- Delray Beach FL 2017