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We assist individuals with implants that suffer from immune related issues, and those that have been labeled with “mystery illness”.   Our Explant Advisor has been explanted by the top surgeon in the USA that wrote the book “The Naked Truth”.   Navigating to find a qualified surgeon is no easy task, and there are lots of untrained surgeons out there that do not properly remove the capsules, thus allowing the toxins to remain in the lymph system.    Our advisor can help navigate during this difficult time and offer real life experience pre and post-op support.   We also offer services for those that do not have a caretaker during the surgery process.

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“All breast implants will eventually break, but it is not known how many years the breast implants that are currently on the market will last. Studies of silicone breast implants suggest that most implants last 7-12 years, but some break during the first few months or years, while others last more than 15 years.”

48 Reasons Not to Get A Boob Job.

Read article and credit at: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/nalini-chilkov/breast-implant-surgery-_b_816077.html

“Take Home Lesson One: There are serious life threatening and life altering short term and long term health, cosmetic and economic risks associated with breast implants.” (including implants in other parts of body as well).

Dr. Nalini on http://www.integrativecanceranswers.com/dr-nalini-chilkov/

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*WARNING: pictures and real life testimony’s can be gruesome and serve as a wake up   call to wo’men around the world.  The body is a temple and not meant to be manipulated at the hands of man.

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The Naked Truth by Dr. Kolb

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